Word Wizards

Select New from the dropdown menu under File.

New Document


The New Document pane opens up to the right of the document. Under Templates select On My Computer.

Document Task Pane


When the Templates dialog box opens, choose the new document tab of your choice (only the Legal Pleadings, Letterhead & Faxes, Memos and Other Documents tabs provide wizards). To start a wizard, double click on icon associated with the application you wish to initiate. For example click on Memo Wizard.



The Memo Wizard opens. At the left of the wizard dialog box is listed the steps involved in completing the memo. (Style, Title, Heading Fields, Recipient, Closing Fields and Header/Footer). Clicking on Next takes you to each of the steps. The document wizard walks you through the various steps to create the document. After completing the steps click on Finish.

Memo Wizard


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