New Word Document

Select New from the dropdown menu under File.

Select New


The New Document pane opens up to the right of the document. Several options appear in the New Document pane.

  • Click on Blank Document to create a blank document.
  • Web page
  • Compose an E-Mail message
  • Start a document based on an existing document. click From existing document. When the New from Existing Document dialog box opens browse to the drive to locate the document that you want to open. Click the document, and then click Create New.
  • To access the many templates that the Microsoft website has to offer click on Templates on Office Online.(Clicking on Templates on Office Online in the Image below will open up the Microsoft site).

Word Task Pane


Clicking the On My Computer link opens a Template dialog box. Click on the Memos tab< for example to display the various Memo templates. Select a template by double clicking on its icon.

Memo Template


If Elegant Memo was selected the follow template will appear .

Memo Template


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