Using the Font Dialog Box

Select Font from the dropdown menu under Format.

Font Format


The Font Dialog Box is displayed. It provides a way to set various font attributes. You can set the font , the font style and color as well as special effects such as strikethrough, superscript, subscript and shadow. You can either select the attributes prior to typing in the text or select the text then apply the attributes using the Font Dialog Box.

Font Dialog Box


The Font is selected from a list as seen below. Fonts are basically various designs for a set of characters. The atributes used in the design of a font are: typeface, size, pitch and spacing. The Font style and Size are also selected from a list box.

Select Font


Clicking on the Font color drop-down menu opens up a color palette, which you can use to select a color.

Font Color


Clicking on the Underline style drop-down menu opens up a list of several underline choices.

Font Underline


The Font dialog box offers several effects that can be used when presenting the text. The Preview boxs shows you how they will be applied. Click on each of the effects in the image below to see the text format in the Preview box. The hidden option hides the text in the document. To show the hidden text click on the Show/Hide button in the toolbar .

Word Effects


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