Editing Text

To insert text into the document I-beam where you want to insert new text. Click the mouse at the chosen location. Make sure the OVR indicator (Overwrite) on the status bar near the bottom of the screen is not active. It will be greyed out when it is inactive, otherwise it will be bold. You can use the Insert key on your keyboard to toggle between active OVR and inactive OVR.

Inactive OVR

OVR Active

With the I-beam in the chosen position and OVR inactive type in your new text.


If you want to type over text that already exists. Use the mouse and place the insertion point (I-beam) where you want to start typing. Press the Insert key to activate OVR. Now ,as you type in the new text the existing text will be deleted.


You can also edit text by first selecting it with the mouse, the typing in the new text. This is done by placing the insertion point at the beginnig of the text that you want to edit. Move the mouse to the end of the words that you want to edit. Hold down the shift key then click the left mouse button. The selected text can now be either deleted by pressing the Delete key on the keyboard or start typing in the new text.


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