The Excel Window

Move the cursor over the Excel window to view the various elements.


The Column Headings are located across the top of the worksheet. These identify the columns of the worksheet. Each worksheet consists of 256 columns. The columns begin at A an continue through to Z. The 27th column is AA, followed by AB, AC, AD, etc.This naming convention continues until the last columne is reached at IV.

Column Header


The Row Headings that run down the side of the worksheet identify the rows in the worksheet. There are 65,536 rows in a worksheet.

Row Header


The Cell Selector is a dark outline that indicates the active cell. Each cell has an address consisting of a column letter and a row number. For example A1 is column A row 1. Data and formulas are entered in the cells to make an excel worksheet.

Cell Selector


The Menu bar at the top of the window is where you can access the various functions of excel.



The Toolbars give you quick acess the various functions of excel. Such as, Open File, Save File, Print and various Format functions.



The Formula bar displays information that is entered in the cell. This is useful when editing data that is held within the cell. The cell location is also found in the formula bar.

Formular Bar


The name of the worksheet appears in the title bar of the window (Book1).

Worksheet Name


Worksheet tabs help you move from worksheet to worksheet within the workbook.

Worksheet Tabs


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