Entering Data Types

The data types that can be entered into an Excel worksheet are: text, numbers, dates, times, formulas and functions (built-in formulas).


Text is any combination of letters, numbers and spaces. Text that is entered in a cell is left-aligned by default. Numbers are right-aligned in the cell. If you want to have numbers treated as text, precede the number with a single quotation mark ('). This will tell Excel to treat the characters as text and they will be left-aligned.Click on the cell that you want to enter text. Type in the text. The text appears in the cell and in the Formula bar.

Enter Data.


You can easily resize the cell when the width of the column does not accommodate the length of the text. Click on the separation between the column labels and the width of the cell will be adjusted to fit the text.


To enter numbers click on the cell where you want to add the valuer. Type in the value. Negative numbers are entered by preceding the value with a minus sign or surrounding it with parentheses.

Enter Numbers.


Dates are entered using the formats: MM/DD/YY, MM/DD/YYYY, MM-DD-YY or
MM-DD-YYYY. When entering times be sure to specify AM or PM. If AM or PM are not specified, Excel assumes the entry is based on a 24 hour clock. Note: a space must be placed between the time and AM or PM notation.

Enter Date and Time


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